Saturday, 30 November 2013


Got up at 5:21 this morning just to discover that the nightmare I rushed so badly to wake up from elegantly turned itself into a reality. Frankly? I had better mornings. 
Also, after the last turn of events I feel an unexplained urge to cuddle with all of my books. I still haven't decide if it's normal, or at least legit... Up until then, let's just leave it between us.

My deep thought of today is that I want to buy a lot of shoes and disappear into the nothing.

 Anyhow, I'm not really sure anyone is ever going to read this stuff, because I am really not sure how to manage around in this place. I mean, how do even discover new blogs and stuff? Ugh, I'm confused.

To be honest, I really don't have anything interesting or meaningful or funny to write about, I just want to make this into sort of a habit, because I really would like to return to my writing level from about three years ago, and hopefully turn this into something great and beautiful.
Great and beautiful. What an optimistic combination of words.

I won't tire you with more of the weird stuff going through my mind this morning, so I shall leave you here with my wonderland themed photo and wish you a wonderful weekend.



Thursday, 3 January 2013

We Are All Mad Here

So how you've been lately invisible readers?
Let's discuss about things that have happened since I last wrote here. So as you all probably know we are coming right through the holiday season, unfortunately I live in Israel, and most of the people here are religious pricks, or just stupid fucks who think that but celebrating The New Year's Eve, I'm actually celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ;which will make me a really bad Jew!
It's really Ironic how this country's constitution is all about religious freedom and "live and let live" when actually what happening inside is the complete opposite of what's written. Not Iran-Style, but you can definitely say the the religion dictates the law a lot more than it's supposed to.
And to a merrier subject- Here's my private Christmas three which I placed by my bed! Yay!

To less serious subject: I live in Ashdod, and one of my best friends lives in Eilat. I know I just spoke Chinese to the people who are not familiar with Israel and its cities, so basically those are two cities which are about four hours drive from each other. The big issue is, that non of us had a driver's licence, and for now she serves in the Israeli Defense Force, and so did I up until two months ago, and it pretty much prevents us from seeing each other two often. But Occasionally she comes to Tel Aviv, which is like the NYC of our country just a lot lamer and we have a chance to finally meet! So she came to visit last weekend, and we had a great time! We ate pancakes, gone makeup shopping, talked a lot... And of course everybody cares! So here's so photos :D

We took pictures in the middle of the bus. Yep, we're those kind of girls. Don't judge us.

To another topic- I FINALLY GOT A TATTOO last Saturday! And I'm screaming, because I've been craving for this tattoo for the last three years! Luckily, my boyfriend's brother is a tattoo artist, so I got to do the tattoo on the weekend, at home and free. La bella vita.
The original idea of the tattoo was three cards, that flying around a single key. But eventually Pash (The tattoo artist) suggested that that that cards should be wrapped around the key, and there goes my three years old idea! But I must admit that his idea was a lot better.
Unlikely, this tattoo has very special meaning to me.
The key, is from "Alice In Wonderland", my very favorite childhood fairy tale, with which I'm completely obsessed until nowadays. 
The cards, which in many ways are related to Alice either, are expressing mt deep love and interest towards circuses and carnivals, (carrd tricks,dah) and also reminds me that my (step) dad used to take to the circus when I was a little girl. His birthday is written on one of the cards, and the other numbers is the day when me and my boyfriend got together.

And here's a pretty picture I took!

Happy New Year Everybody!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Hi there invisible readers, and welcome to my temple of boredom.
Nice to Have you here, all two of you! (Hi mom..) So I guess this is the post where I'm supposed to tell not interesting details about myself;

So I'm 20 years young Ukrainian female from the holy lands of Israel. A proud book worm and a fashion lover, I love cats and unicorns and dream of loving someday in England and be a famous author.
I'm not the most social person you'll meet in your life, therefor I don't really have lots of friends, but instead of whining about it, I choose focus on the more interesting things in my life: music, books, fashion, my amazing boyfriend and fabulous cat.
I consider myself decent looking, but I don't consider myself beautiful. I don't think I'm ugly, I'm just not my cup of tea. Oh, and I love tea.
I am more of a winter person; I love long coats, high boots and big scarfs. But unfortunately the only thing my geographic location can provide for me is two up to three months of chill weather. So my long red coat really can't do much for me as long as I love here, which is a shame cause I spent loads of money on it! But oh well, I'm a woman; It's perfectly normal for me to spend huge amounts of money on expensive clothing I will never use.

So I want to thank to the kind bored people who took their time and read this post.
I wish ya'll a glittery, fluffy, warm day